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Hello World!

Helloooo hello first blog post! How exciting! I thought it'd be something fun to do, get my thoughts out and announce upcoming shows, ideas, process, and whatnot. A little old-school perhaps, but what is woodcarving if not old-school!

A week or so ago (August 5th!), I sold at my first art market as part of What The Pop!, hosted by YES Montreal, a great organization that provides guidance and assistance to new up and coming artists...basically to know what they're doing. It was in Hudson, which was pretty out of the way for me, but my partner lent a huge helping hand, and the town was definitely a good audience for my clocks.

a row of handmade, handcarved wooden clocks for sale at an outdoor art market (What The Pop! in Hudson).
Some of my clocks in a row. They make me think of Animal Crossing, like they'd be tagged "rustic" or something...

The folks there are pretty nice too, from what I saw, lots of families and older folk. But it was also Music Day! So I bet that drew in the families. I hear otherwise it's pretty quiet, so good on YES Montreal's part for organizing it on Music Day.

I sold a bunch of clocks! My friends say they wouldn't be surprised if I sold out of all my stock, but I think it would be relatable to say that there's a part of me deep down that always has some doubt that any of my work is good at all. Imposter's syndrome if you will. But anyway, I'm working on my online shop! And that'll be open soon with the remainder of the things I didn't sell during the market. Lots of people on Instagram were asking if I had a shop where they could buy things, even some people that I've looked up to who do amazing work and who I thought would never interact with, so I guess I kind of had to... I'm very excited. It feels like a new chapter in I guess you could call it. Still early days.

A display of handcarved, handmade wooden clocks and goods at an outdoor market (What The Pop! Hudson).
Me! and my friend Beecher, who has unfortunately been beheaded in this picture.

Enough reminiscing! Let's talk about the future! I have more upcoming shows! I might be at another What The Pop in September (fingers crossed, it'll be luck of the draw!), but I will definitely be at a holiday market in November (25th-26th). It's the Marché des Fêtes au Locoshop Angus (on est bilingue icitte) held by Collectif Créatif MTL. I'm already trying to come up with some more holiday themed carvings, but without them being explicitly holiday. Things that'll last through all the seasons, y'know? But maybe some classic Christmas decorations too, we'll see.

First blog post, DONE! Wahoo! Probably not too many people will see this one, or any others. Again, blog posts, not very popular nowadays...but maybe they'll make a comeback? Anyway, I hope to see some people at my next market, and maybe some of you will have read this! Let me know if you do! or don't...I might be embarrassed. Bye!

Yours truly, Alice

Aug 11, 2023

Loved reading this!! Congrats on a successful market and here’s to many more~ Excited for the new shop, all your pieces are so quirky and colourful I love them sm<3 keep bloggin’!!


Nick Ladd
Nick Ladd
Aug 10, 2023

Great blog post can't wait for more!!

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